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The Half Moon, Windlesham has been in the Sturt family since 1909.

Originally a Coaching Inn and General Stores for the Duke of Connaught, and the Parishioners of Windlesham, a man named Aulbury Sturt, a driver for the Duke, took on the Licence of The Half Moon. His eldest son, Geffrey and his wife Helga, then followed in his footsteps, having purchased it from Simmonds Brewery of Staines. A Free House in this countryside village, was born. Even back in those days, this public house was a very happy place for the local community to relax ‘over a pint’ with friends, and so it’s following grew. Sadly, due to ill health, Geffrey passed away in 1982. Geffrey and Helga’s only son, Conrad then took the reins, and with full ambition at the age of 18 years old, together with his mother, they formed a plan to make The Half Moon, an appointment in everyone’s diary, to spend time to wine, dine and enjoy.

It was in 2005, Conrad, decided to expand the business and set to work, to build

The Oak Room restaurant, with his own hands (and a little help from friends in the community). Today, The Oak Room, along with the rest of The Half Moon’s bar areas and terraces, offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to all, even well-behaved dogs and children are welcome! Conrad’s only Son, Jamie is now learning the ropes, in the hope that this family-run establishment, remains in the Sturt name. 




The impact of Coronavirus dramatically altered day to day life in the hospitality industry, like nothing else before. With initiative and great support from the wider community of Windlesham, The Half Moon, started a ‘Delivery and Collection’ food and drink service. The idea was to help customers on the front line, or indeed anyone self-isolating, who were unable to venture out, to enjoy a pub meal at home… always with the promise of maintaining the traditional values and high standards expected by Conrad. This service has become very popular with local folk, and is now firmly a new part of the future business.

Also, during ‘lockdown’, Conrad with his son, Jamie, created a new ‘feature pond’ in

The Half Moon garden for everyone to enjoy. Conrad and all his staff, have worked tirelessly to prepare the business, to reopen its doors under the new health and safety Covid-19 guidelines, put in place by Government.

And so, on Saturday 4th July, The Half Moon became, once again, a wonderful place for friends and families, within their current ‘bubbles’, to reunite and make up for lost time. The future is looking brighter. 

Conrad & The Team


The discovery of a new dish does more for the happiness of mankind than the discovery of a star.

Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

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